Thursday, 5 March 2009

Children's book progress

Another project update, except i have cheated! I actually made this weeks ago meh! I really wanted to post the new collage work i had done for my book but it's all in separate pieces at the min so there wasn't much point. This image shows the style i will be making the book in so thought i would post it for now! i bought my website domain the other day! i chose partly because throughout my life no one has been able to spell my surname first go, and partly because of the silly rhyme. When its up and running i will let you know:-)


  1. hey Faye- I really like your work and the variety of styles. Have you graduated yet?I was just interested to know what you make of your degree...I was thinking of going back to uni to do something creative, as last time i did law @sheffield uni which wasn't so creative!I'm new to this blogging malarkey so everything I post is in a mish mashed fashion!:-)

  2. Hey thanks for the comment:-) i was really impressed with your images, the way you use pattern is really nice! i would recommend studying illustration as a degree, i think you would enjoy the course from looking at your work!are you just doing this as a hobby alongside law then? I'm new to the blogging as well, its a good way to get your work on the web though!